Reconnection Inner Child

Establish contact with your inner child

Soft reconnection with the inner child and integration of the inner child in the heart for self-healing of inner injuries and traumata from childhood.


The inner child is a part of our inner world of experiences and it symbolizes emotions, memories and experiences from childhood that are saved in our soul.


The inner child is the most important being in your life. When it’s happy you feel secure, full of strength, deep inner peace and you have a life-affirming attitude. When it’s lonely, sad, hurt or frightened you will always be confronted with the same themes again, will never get what you need, feel unimportant, rejected, not recognized, be without success, feel that you do not get enough money, love and attention. You feel as a victim of society and are lived by the actual values and norms of the general public instead of living your own life according to your wishes and beliefs.


In this treatment, via an intuitive guided meditation, I set a stimulus to reconnect with your inner child to be able to love it again, liberating it from pain of the past, freeing it from fears and condemnations that don’t have its origin in its spirit, but have been inside for a long time and leave it in a state of victim and unhappiness.


You deal with your past and allow forgiveness to flow in, to create a free space in your heart to be able to express who you really are. You permit and embrace everything that you are now.


This self-healing process brings you greater self-respect and more love, forgiveness and sympathy for yourself and everyone surrounding you.


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