Go beyond of what you know and you will rediscover yourself...


Welcome to Yoga Soul Retreat, South Spain!

Our Vision

At our Spiritual Development Center our vision is to create impulses to help people to reconnect with their soul, find their Soul Path and to become aware of their true vocation in life. We support people in having the grounding and courage necessary to change their lives and become self-determined and fulfilled in order to be able to walk in and follow their Soul Path and thus contributing to the well being of this earth.


Retreats for Spiritual Development

We offer Yoga Retreats in a familiar and natural atmosphere with small individual groups. Here you experience yoga, meditation and healing in a way that goes beyond the physical level leading to the expansion of your consciousness and awareness. The retreats set impulses to reconect with yourself and your soul path. Complement the retreat with a deeply relaxing ayurvedic massage or an energetic harmonization.


Restorative Yoga Journeys

Enjoy your stay with a restorative Yoga and Meditation programm in combination with ayurvedic food, surf lessons, spanish courses and individual treatments.


Green Retreat Oasis

We have created a lush green oasis with wooden chalets on one of the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Europe. Endless beach walks, expectacular sunsets, surfing in the atlantic ocean, horseback riding, walks in magic natures parks and visits of the splendid white villages allow you to emerge into another time dimension. Already the place inspires and soothes your soul..