Guided Meditative Body Journeys

Stimuli for energetic harmonization


The meditation promotes an energetic harmonization and reconnection to one self. The self-healing process on all layers - body, mind and soul - is initiated. The meditation takes place while lying down and includes sounds and music.


Similar to energy work the meditation acts on the layers of information which are stored in our energy bodies (physical, ether, emotional and mental body) or in our matrix. All experiences that we ever made in this or in another life are stored in our energy bodies. Theses experiences in the form of thoughts and emotions often cause physical and mental diseases.


Through the meditation's high frequency of light the brain starts to swing on Alpha and Theta waves and puts the body into deep relaxation (a state between being awake and dreaming). This results in a relaxation of the nervous system as well as an activation of the energy flow in the body.


Through meditation all chakras, meridians, the energy body (aura) and the layer of cells are cleaned. Blockages, interfering fields and old attitudes, which are saved in our field, are cleared.


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