Personal Transformation Retreats

Zahora - Andalucia - South Spain

Go beyond of what you know and you will rediscover yourself...



The Retreat
In a familiar and natural atmosphere with small individual groups you experience yoga, meditation and healing in a way that goes beyond the physical level leading to the expansion of your consciousness and awareness. Through the reconnection with your inner nature and the four elements you will experience a different kind of yoga - yoga as a holistic healing methods that helps you to solve physical, energetic and mental blockages. Deep relaxation and reconective meditation play a vital role to find an inner balance.


The Retreat Oasis
The retreat takes place on the Costa de la Luz - the coast of light. It is a small green garden oasis located 5 walking minutes from the beach. From there you will reach the most beautiful and unspoilt beaches in Europe. Already the place inspires and soothes your soul.