Ayurvedic Nutrition and Cooking

Zahora - Andalucia - Spain


Ayurveda Philosophy

Compared to western nutrition philosophies, which mostly recommend the same diet to everyone, the Ayurvedic philosophy takes on a holistic approach and considers every individual’s personality, physique and environment with the aim to strengthen body, mind and soul. In this context Ayurveda doesn’t only consider ingredients important but also eating and cooking habits.


Nutrition consultancy including determination of constitution

In a nutrition consultation I determine your individual constitution, i.e. your Ayurvedic biotype (Vata, Pitta, Kapha). Based thereon, I work out an individual diet recommendation with special recipes. Additionally, I give advice on how to adjust your lifestyle to support the process of changing your nutrition.


Balancing your acid-base metabolism

Stress, inactivity and unhealthy nutrition often lead to acidity of our body, which may be indicated by chronic fatigue, physical pain and digestive disorders among others. In a consultation I give advice on how to consciously neutralize excess acids to help eliminating impurities and slags and restore your acid-base-equilibrium.


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