Holistic Constellation

Holistic constellation for a soft clearance of energetic connections to your family, partner, friends and work, which often stop our personal development.


The constellation focuses on specific situations related to family, friends, partner and work. Caused by experiences from this and other lives, we are often energetically connected with something in a way that we always get into the same cycle.


Again and again the same situations, only in a new package, will confront us and call for attention to heal something. For example we often argue with our parents about the same topics, we always get a domineering boss or we look for a partner that puts us down etc.


This form of constellations makes use of words and symbols on which you stand to awaken your relation to a person or thing. Solution words and symbols lead to a clearance of energetic connections.


Through this miraculous way a change often happens not only in our inside but also in the outside, living by the motto “heal yourself and you will heal the world”. Successful examples include a person that could embrace its mother for the time, another person that made up with her sister without having talked to her and a person’s change of relation with its boss.


This kind of work may be continued alone at home.

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