Beyond Spirit Retreat with Indira & Beatriz

Source Reconection & Light Body Activation

Spirit Yoga, Reconective Meditation & Biodanza

La Mar de Luz at Zahora Beach - Andalucia - South Spain

A journey of dicoverey to your inner source...

September 26th, 8pm to September 30th, 1pm , 2012
(in english & spanish)


Our planet mother earth and with her humanity and all living beeings are going through a deep transformation process at the moment. Since a few centuries, the vibration and amount of light is constantly increasing on this planet. And within this process, the bodies of all beings always strive for a perfect resonance with the vibrations of earth. If the earth vibrations change, all bodies follow. 


This retreat will give your physical body and energysystem an impuls to adapt and align gently to this new frequnecies on earth. The consious reconection with the earth and light energies, the elements, your inner self and eventually with the divine source will initiate a wonderful transformation of your whole beeing. More about this topic under Source Reconection


Four Day Program
(Programm starts on Tuesday Morning and ends on Sunday Afternoon)

The morning course (8am to 10am)
leads you
through four elements energy exercises, dancing, breathing, kundalini exercises, flows and healing meditation to reconect with your own inner nature and the four elements.


The evening course (6pm to 8pm)
consists of Reconective Healing Meditations & Bidanza

  • Activation of Light Body Process  
  • Chakra Purification, Activation & Balancing
  • Four Body Aura Purification & Reconection with the Higher Self
  • Activation of inner and outer Meridian System
  • Reconection with the Divine Matrix
  • Emotional Transformation

This kind of body and energy work will lead you beyond the physical level of the body. With an open heart and willingness to be whole and healthy, disruptive and negative blockages will begin to disovle.  


Components of the retreat:

  • 4 x Morning Yoga & Meditation (2h)
  • 3 x Evening Healing Meditation & Biodanza (2)
  • 4 x Ayurvedic brunch* around 11am
  • 3 x Ayurvedic Dinner* around 20pm (no meal on 1 evening)
  • 4 nights in double or single room in wooden houses (2 to 4 people)
  • The food is fresh, mostly organic and natural - prepared with love.

According to the weather conditions, a few of the sessions will take place outside or on the beach. One evening we will organize the dinner around an open fire.

Price per Retreat includes Courses, Accomodation, Brunch & Dinner


Big Wooden House, max. 4 people, shared kitchen & bathroom

  • 420€ - Double Room (1st floor galery)
  • 440€ - Double Room (ground gloor)
  • 500- Single Room (ground floor)

Wooden Studio, max 2 people

  • 460- Double Room 
  • 540- Studio as Single Room 


5% early booking discount up to 6 weeks before the start of Retreat
5% commission for mediation of friends
Information and reservations
Indira: 0034-622346022