Reconection through Ligth Body Process

Our planet mother earth and with her humanity and all living beeings are going trough a deep transformation process. Aorund 1987 a new energy system began to change the vibration and the amount of light on this planet. The Schumann frequency increased. The "Schumann Vibration" means the natural pulsation of the earth. In many people stood on that date and thereafter a sudden interest in a spiritual experience.


During the era of Pisces they were extremely low: dull, discordant vibrations, fear structures with a high magnetism - at the time of Jesus it was about 7 Hertz. These had been stable until into the seventies, then they began to change. Until 2005 the pulse beat had doubled and the magnetism radically decreased. Simultaneously the atmospheric electricity increased, which led to a higher level of aggression and at the sam time to a great spiritual opening. The pulse of Aquarius imprinted the earth. Nowadays the pulse is nearly at 14 Hertz - bright harmonic structures of life of high electricity.

The bodies of all beings always strive for a perfect resonance with the vibrations of earth. If the earth vibrations change, all bodies follow. But we still have old programmings in the form of crystals in our etheric bodym which are waiting to be processed and dissovled, mentally and emotionally. Wherever crystals dissovle, karma is released and our frequency increases. This process will help us to get out of the karma and reincarnation cycle. We start to realize that the concept of karma only served to experience duality.- the separation from the divine and the source.

This transformation is the Light Body process is not any more reserved for a few select people reserved, but of all mankind. When GAIA, mother Earth becomes free we also become free. Releasing the darkness out of her body it also leaves your bodies.

Yet many people do not want any changes and they cling to the existing presence. They experience this period as being difficult, painful and full of loss, because their senses are aimed at fear and loss. They do not see anything else around them. When we start to let got, is can become extremely full of joy and adventure, and you may experience the fulfillment of a lifelong search. Aim your senses at the light and the love, which is also contained in the dark. Breathe with the earth and the cosmos. Let all streams flow freely, and you will experience light and love in your lives. Everything you aim your thoughts and attention at you draw towards you even if you try to resist. So you draw towards you whatever you love or fear.