Yoga Retreat - Pure Nature

La Mar de Luz - Zahora, el Palmar - Andalusia - Spain

A journey of dicoverey to your inner source...

Pure Nature Retreats


Reconnect with your roots and true nature...


The morning course (8am to 10pm) leads you through four elements energy exercises, dancing, breathing, kundalini exercises, flows and healing meditation to reconect with your own inner nature. Every day we connect with another element.

  • Earth Element - Grounding trough the tree of life
  • Fire Element - Activation of your inner fire
  • Water Element - Conect with the flow of life
  • Air Element - Reconect with the care-free spirit
  • Integration of all four elements

The evening course (6pm to 7.30pm) consists of reconective healing meditations applying different self-healing methods.

  • Tree of Life Reconection
  • Earth to Sky Conection
  • 4 Elements Meditation
  • Balacing of the 4 Elements
  • Learn how to maintain this balance

This kind of meditation leads you beyond the physical level of the body. With an open heart and willingness to be whole and healthy, disruptive and negative blockages will begin to disovle. You will also learn to do this form of healing for yourself. At the end of each Healing Meditation there will be room to exchange experiences, feelings and messages emerging during the sessions. .

Components of the retreat:

  • 5 morning sessions (2h)
  • 4 evening sessions (1,5h)
  • Guided Nature Walk with Meditation*
  • 5 Ayurvedic brunch* around 11am (on free day, no breakfast)
  • 5 Ayurvedic Dinner* around 20pm (no meal on 2 evenings)
  • Ayurvedic Diet Book with Recepies
  • 7 nights in double or single room in wooden country houses   
    *The food is fresh, mostly organic, free of additives & prepared with love.


Price - includes courses, accomodation, food and drinks:


Big Wooden House, max. 3 people, shared kitchen & bathroom

  • 760€ - Single Room (1st floor galery)
  • 860- Single Room (ground floor)

Wooden Studio, max 2 people

  • 790- Double Room 
  • 930- Studio as Single Room 

Information and reservations
Indira: 0034-622346022