Workshop "Reaktivation of Energy of Life"

Bring your energy back into the flow...

Munich region

Do you often feel tired, exhausted, motionless and unmotivated as if the energy of life doesn’t flow in your body? This feeling of lack of energy isn’t a result of not having enough energy, but rather of blockages in your body that don’t allow the energy to flow.


In this workshop specific energy and yoga exercises, dynamic breathing and guided meditation are used as stimuli to activate the body’s energy flow, bringing it into a flow and balancing it. You will learn how to hold your energy system active and in balance via self-exercises.


Questions, information and registration:

Indira: 0049-174-2013503

or 0034-622346022


I am a certified Yoga teacher (I.Y.F.), certified health consultant and Dorn-massager (RückGrad e.V.). Self-healing forces are stimulated in the courses, seminars and exercises. Everyone is acting on one's own responsibility and acknowledges this when making an appointment or registering for a course or seminar.

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