Ayurvedic Nutrition Seminar

Zahora - Andalucia - South Spain

Food for your soul...

Date and location to be announced

(available also on request)


Compared to western nutrition philosophies, which mostly recommend the same diet to everyone, the Ayurvedic philosophy takes on a holistic approach and considers every individual’s personality, physique and environment with the aim to strengthen body, mind and soul.


In this context Ayurveda doesn’t only consider ingredients important but also eating and cooking habits to optimally use vitamins, mineral and other nutrients. Likewise important are the digestibility of combinations of ingredients, mealtimes according to the biotype as well as a conscious attitude during cooking.


Course contents

  • Introduction to Ayurvedic diet & cooking philosophy
    • Individual constitution - biotype: Vata, Pitta, Kapha
    • The 6 tastes
    • The ayurvedic spices
    • The importance of ingredients
    • Stimulation of digestive fire
    • Digestibility of combinations of ingredients
    • Ayurvedic mealtimes
    • Effects of the energy during cooking
    • Conscious preparation of food
  • Practice – Cooking of Ayurvedic dishes
  • Joint meal
Ayurvedic dishes & drinks:
  • Green Smoothie
  • Tomato dip with chili, coriander and fresh onions
  • Light coco-vegetable-curry
  • Roasted lemon-rice with fresh herbs
  • Roasted curcuma-curry tofu with sesame
  • Fresh summer salad with roasted seeds and strawberries
  • Light strawberry-mascarpone-tiramisu with spelt-biscuits
  • Ginger-lemon-tea with honey and mint
  • 7x7 bases tea by P. Jentschura
Individual health consultation on request.



120€ for course incl. towel, recipes, food & tea


Questions, information and registration:

Indira: 0049-174-2013503

or 0034-622346022