Basic Training Energy Work - Germany

Energy Work & Healing Meditation

Date: February 2016 or on request


Training background – our home is planet earth

Our current home is planet earth. We live within the matter and are subject to its natural laws. Therefore, we should stay and walk with both feet on the ground and not hover in the air. Being well-grounded is a basic requirement for a healthy lifestyle and attitude towards life here on planet earth.


Training goal – a journey to yourself: healing from the inside


In this training I teach new impulses and methods on how to find back to your true self. By stimulations for a change in paradigms in our thinking and feeling, holistic physical exercises, transformative breathing, deep relaxation, guided meditation, reconnections to yourself and self-healing methods you will learn to re-establish your energetic balance, to regain your strength and confidence to follow your true path. You will learn how to get access to your inner knowledge, intuition and capabilities. This also activates a self-healing process and will also enable you to spread this knowledge afterwards.


You will learn how to apply the following exercises to yourself and to others to harmonize your energy field and clear blockades and traumata: energetic harmonization, grounding, balancing of chakras, cleaning of aura, energy exercises, conscious breathing, guided meditation, energetic arm length reflex test and other self-healing methods. These exercises will bring your energy back to its original balance and help to form the basis for a healthy life. This training enables you to apply the methods in practice as long as you won’t apply any manual methods.


Training contents:


  • What does life within matter and grounding mean?
  • What prevents us from getting on our soul path?
  • What destabilizes our energetic balance?

Baics of energy work

  • Significance of the energy’s and light’s body
  • Significance of the chakra and meridian system
  • Interdependencies between physical and energetic body
  • Where energetic blockades originate and how to clear them
  • Significance of emotions in energy work

Energetic harmonization through physical exercises

  • Grounding
  • Accepting and letting go
  • Opening of the heart
  • Balancing of chakras
  • Cleaning of Aura
  • Methods of relaxation
  • Energetic arm length test
  • Mental training
  • Energy exercises and dances


Guided meditation

  • Grounding and tree of life connection
  • Accepting, letting go and confidence
  • Opening of the heart and activation of the heart’s energy
  • Lifting your energy level through activation of the chakra and meridian system
  • Clearing energetic blockades through cleaning of aura and energy body
  • Clearing of sense of guilt via meditation of forgiveness
  • Reconnection higher self

Support of energy work on physical body

Energy work may clear physical blockages. Therefore, it’s important to support the body. This part is about methods of purification and neutralization of acids and on how these affect the energetic body.


Performing meditation, exercises and self-healing methods

During this training every participant will guide a meditation as well as convey exercises and self-healing methods to the group.



  • Preliminary talk
  • Experience with self-healing and energy work
  • Basic knowledge of chakras and meridian system
  • Experience with work on people
  • Intuition and empathy


With Indira Birgit Haertle

Cultural Studies (Dipl.), former management consultant and trainer for value-oriented culture development and change management, certified yoga and meditation trainer, health consultant, Dorn-massager, Usui Reiki practitioner as well as energy and information field worker.



Price for 1 week of basic training in Zahora, Andalusia, Spain

  • 590€ including 5 days of training, training material, meditation CD (max. 6-8 participants)
  • 7 nights in double room as of 210€, in single room as of 280€ per person and night – special offer: attic room as single room on the first floor 210€ - find more information on
  • Food not included

Questions, information and registration:

Indira: 0049-174-2013503

or 0034-622346022



I am a certified Yoga teacher (I.Y.F.), certified health consultant and Dorn-massager (RückGrad e.V.). Self-healing forces are stimulated in the courses, seminars and exercises. Everyone is acting on one's own responsibility and acknowledges this when making an appointment or registering for a course or seminar.

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