Rythms of Nature Retreat

Zahora - Andalusia - South Spain

 “We depend on nature not only for our physical survival. We also need nature to show us the way home, the way out of the prison of our minds.” E. Tolle


Retreat Date: November 2nd to 5th 2017


The Retreat
These workshop is an invitation to celebrate ourself In Dance and connection with the most powerful Source, depth of nature. Through movement and connection with elements Sun, Wind, Water and Earth, We will dive inside our nature, sometimes mild, sometimes wild. To recognize who we are, what we most need, what we miss and where we are separated.


With love and respect for what we will encounter, we will be open to the power of acceptance and surrender. We will realize our rhythms being in constant dance with the Rhythms of Nature. And the fact that we are never, even for the moment, separated from that. We are always connected with the core of our being, by simply being Here and Now.


The Place
We invite you to a place where on uninhabited, endless beaches, we will feel the sand under the feet, we will immerse ourselves in the waves of the ocean, we will feel the breeze on the skin and warmth of the Spanish sun.


The Instructor
Beata Eckert, an instructor and teacher of how to work with your body using the 5 Rhythms method, has been holding seminars both in this country and abroad. Beata has been studying various healing techniques, movement improvisation of the dance and meditation for many years now. She is also a masseuse and instructor of Dance Improvisation, Body Imagery, and Experimental Dance Theater. Beata takes part in various types of artistic projects, see www.taniec5rytmow.pl.


Coasy wooden Studios and Chalets in a private green beach oasis a few walking minutes form the magic and unspoiled beaches of the South Atlantic Coast...


Retreat Cost:
430 Euro ( with reservation till 31 August 2017)
460 Euro ( with reservation after 31 August 2017)

Price include: workshop cost, accommodation from 2nd til 5th of November 2017 ( in 2 or 4 little houses, with kitchen area, food ( 2 vegan dishes: lunch and dinner, breakfast on Your own.

IMPORTANT, there is a possibility of extending your stay, in workshop place or other nearby area, if you are interested in this option let us know when booking.

The number of seats is limited, the booking order determines the order of payments.

Information and reservation
Indira: 0034-622346022,