Why Yoga?

Unity of body, mind & soul

Yoga is a natural method to rejuvenate your body and calm your mind. The exercises stimulate, activate and open your centers of energy (chakras) and release tensions in your body. Your energy flow improves and the level of energy increases. Yoga unites body, mind and soul.


Over the past years I have developed an individual style of instruction that is very intuitive and depends on the group’s and the day’s energy. I don’t focus too much on the correctness of a yoga position, but rather on the well-being of my guests through movements, breathing techniques and deep relaxation.


My yoga style is a fusion of Hatha, Kundalini and Flow Yoga. Important aspects include stretching, energy exercises, conscious breathing and deep relaxation.


In our daily routine we mostly follow a schedule of activities without taking a break and a deep breath in between. That’s why relaxation is an integral part of my yoga classes.


The exercises focus mainly on the back and the spine. They strengthen muscles, tendons, joints and inner organs in a soft and powerful way at the same time. The yoga positions improve balance, digestion, breath including the body’s oxygen supply and stimulate the elimination of impurities and toxins (slags).