Yoga Soul Retreat - Zahora, Andalusia
Asociation "Center for Spiritual Development"




Current laws limit a more detailed description of healing statements and promises. According to today’s natural scientific and medical knowledge to improve and support people’s health “certain things can’t be true”. To this effect I want to call your attention to the following.




I am certified yoga teacher (I.Y.F.), certified health consultant and Dorn-massager (RückGrad e.V.). I am neither doctor nor alternative practitioner.


I treat nobody in terms of the alternative practitioner laws. I do not undertake any diagnosis, therapies or treatments in a medical sense, suggest therapies or undertake any alternative medicine treatments in a legal sense.


Herewith, I declare that I work on the persons’ healthiness and not on their illness. I do not undertake any therapy but rather a genuine, holistic treatment to promote healthiness and well-being.


Furthermore, I declare that my work is no substitute for a medic’s work. I will not give any healing promises and there originate no liability claims for the time before, during and after a healing session or seminar.


All methods used are not scientifically proven but are based on experience. They shall activate one’s self-healing forces, but should not substitute or interrupt a doctor’s or alternative practitioner’s diagnosis or therapy.


Everyone is acting on one's own responsibility and acknowledges this when making an appointment or registering for a course or seminar.